About Us

passionate, innovative and motivated

Inno Bag Closures is a passionate, innovative organisation that supplies bag closures, Clipps and binding materials in the Australian and New Zealand bakery and produce industries. Inno Bag Closures are proud to have brought genuine competition to a market that has been previously dominated by one supplier - Finally, there is an alternative in the bag closure market!

Formed in 2010, and starting from humble beginnings , the company has grown and become a reliable, sustainable alternative for all needs in the bag closure market. Our success is in the development of a suitable alternative in the Bread Bag Closure Industry. 

Inno Bag Closures - Finally you have a choice!

Great Partnerships

Inno Bag Closures is an agent for Schutte Bagclosures - Europe -the number 1 bag closure company in Europe who produce 50 million closures a day. We supply an extensive range of Schutte bag closure products.

Inno Bag Closures has joined with the successful Omniverse Foster Packaging Group, the Leaders in innovative flexible/rigid pouches and augmented reality packaging in Australia. This partnership has put Inno Bag Closures in a position to support and supply the larger manufacturer with their Clipp and Closure requirements.

We are always working on innovative ideas for bag closures… As a customer focused and driven company – our customer is always our first priority.We are proud to announce there is now an alternative in the bag closure market!