Inno Bag Seal

finally you have a choice

Inno Bag Seal is a passionate, innovative organisation that supplies bag seals, Clipps and binding materials in the Australian and New Zealand bakery and produce industries. With over 20 years experience in bag seals, Inno Bag Seal are proud to have brought genuine competition to a market that has been previously dominated by one supplier - Finally, there is an alternative in the bag closure market!

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We supply a wide range of bag seals including Clipps, Clipbands, U Clips and Twist Ties.

Our Clipps are manufactured in Europe to the highest EU standard and are made from 100% Virgin foodgrade material, making them more flexible.



Streamline your packing processes with Auto Clipslock, the  bag closing machine compatible with all bread clips.

The Clipps Dispenser XK is the ideal solution for closing all kinds of plastic bags. The compact size and easy operation make this dispenser ideal for use behind the counter.